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New Horizons


My oh my, what have we been up to!

These past few months have been very revolutionary for us over at WLZ. The launch of Z-sides has got us thinking bigger and better. We want to deliver more lit loving info to you on your terms. What this means is that there will be a major redesign for us in the next few months.

You may have noticed that issues of WLZ have been erratic, we deeply apologize for this. As we continue our redesign, we hope you will bear with our small staff and forgive us if your issues don’t arrive precisely on time. We will make sure that you always will get a subscription’s worth of issues.unnamed

One of the new things we will be bringing to you is more live events throughout the city. Join us December 9th at 7:30pm at Northwest Film Forum for a live screening of Z-Sides.  Watch an episode, meeting the artists, win prizes, and more!