WLZ 022017 CVR shopped

Got a story to share? You are in luck, because WLZ is always accepting submissions.  If you are thinking you are not qualified enough to submit, you are wrong. We are not interested in printing the work of the same handful of poets and writers; we want new ink in the mix too. We here at Word Lit Zine pride ourselves on showcasing the unexpected gems of literature and storytelling, that’s why one of our sayings in the office is “give readers and writers something to get excited about”.

We do have a few guidelines though:

FICTION, MEMOIR, NON-FIC: 8,000 words or less
POETRY: 1 page max
ESSAY: 5,000 words or less

  • One submission per payment. You can submit multiple times, but you may only submit one work at a time; no sneaking in a poem with your short fiction submission.
  • All forms must be properly formatted— in 10 pt font, single spaced, and in a Word doc (docx).
  • All content must be original. No plagiarized work will be accepted!
  • Unpublished submissions, or work that has only been printed in a publication of less than 2,000 will be accepted.

Submitions Test