Where to Chill in the City When Writer’s Block Has You Down

Bedlam Coffee 428687_10150578812431161_1685116234_n

It’s quirky, it’s cool, and they make a damn fine cup of coffee. Whether you are looking for a new place to dig into a book and forget about the world, or  just needing to get out of the house  to pound out a few drafts, Bedlam is the perfect spot.  The delight and charm of the Belltown coffee shop is its no-frills vibe—the staff is unkempt and tattooed, the music unapologetically swears, and there is always some flashy spectacle playing on the TV. Unlike other punk joints more worried about image than service, the motley crew at this coffee house is warm and friendly. If you are looking for some quiet time, head upstairs and curl up in the plushy nook. The best part?  Bedlam has a meeting room, so if you have a book club or workshop  powwow, get in on this now. Just remember to schedule a week in advance.


2231 2nd Ave, open daily until 9PM









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